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Modern Times (Fee includes Worldwide Shipping and Tax)

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Nanarokusha Publishing presents "Modern Times," a photo book about the wonders of China by Patrick Tsai.

160-Pages in Color
Hardcover with Gold-Pressing
Offset Printing
Nanarokusha, 2012

For International Sales (Outside Japan):
Price Includes Packaging, Worldwide Shipping, and Tax
Shipping Method: Airmail Printed Matter
Arrives in Approx. 1-2 Weeks

"... it is a brilliant book, perhaps one of the most exemplary of recent photobooks..." - from "The Chinese Photobook" by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren

"...What I like about it really is its simplicity. It has a 'naivety' which is lost on so many photographers... There is nothing tricksy or conceptual here, just wonderful photographs beautifully edited into a book you want to hold...." - by Susan Bright for Time Magazine's "Best of 2012"

"Based on the the book, I infer that Tsai is shooting based on interest and instinct without hesitation. The small mistakes in composition which online photogroups will dismiss was embraced openly by Tsai giving his work a certain degree of frankness and attitude. His photographs doesn’t feel that he is an invisible photographer bobbing and weaving in the crowds of people but rather someone who seems like he himself is a character on the street. He went out and about in a place dear to him, made photographs, organized them, and presented his work to the world. Photography at its most basic and in my opinion, most beautiful." - by A.G. DeMesa for

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¥4,700 ($35.25) tax included